Interview with Keshav Kumar: Insights into Golf Operations and Marketing

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Keshav Kumar, the General Manager of Golf Operations and Marketing at Classic Golf & Country Club. With his vast experience and expertise in the golf industry, Keshav is at the forefront of managing and promoting one of the premier golfing destinations. Let’s dive into his role and gain insights into the world of golf operations and marketing

The Golf Insider: Keshav, thank you for joining us today. Can you tell us about your journey in the golf industry and how you ended up in your current role as the General Manager of Golf Operations and Marketing at Classic Golf & Country Club?

Keshav Kumar: Throughout my journey in the golf industry, I have witnessed the sport’s captivating allure and its ability to bring people together. It all began when I picked up a golf club for the first time as a teenager and instantly fell in love with the game. From that point on, I dedicated myself to honing my skills, spending countless hours on the driving range and meticulously studying the strategies and techniques of the sport.
As I immersed myself deeper into the golf world, I recognized the incredible potential the industry held for growth and innovation. In addition as a professional golfer, I had first-hand experience by playing in multiple tournaments at courses all across India, this not only helped me gain experience but also helped me understand various other aspects of the game as I was also during this time interacting with multiple sponsors and event management teams. This laid the groundwork for my eventual ascent to the position of General Manager. The role of a GM has allowed me to merge my love for the sport with my expertise in management, overseeing all aspects of the operations. It is a privilege to be able to contribute to the growth of the golf industry and provide an exceptional experience for golfers.  

The Golf Insider: Managing golf operations at a prestigious club like Classic Golf & Country Club requires attention to detail and a customer-centric approach. How do you ensure that members and guests have an exceptional experience on and off the course?

Keshav Kumar: Managing golf operations at a prestigious club like Classic Golf & Country Club demands meticulous attention to detail and a relentless commitment to providing a customer-centric experience. To ensure that members and guests have an exceptional experience both on and off the course, I prioritise several key strategies. Firstly, I continuously interact with the maintenance team to ensure the highest standards of course maintenance, ensuring pristine fairways, well-manicured greens, and an overall inviting atmosphere. 

Additionally, I emphasise on personalised customer service, training my staff to anticipate and exceed the needs and expectations of our patrons. From the moment guests arrive, we greet them with warm hospitality and attentiveness, ensuring a seamless check-in process and providing any assistance they may require. By fostering a culture of constant improvement and innovation, we stay attuned to evolving trends and preferences within the golf industry. Ultimately, my goal is to create a superlative experience for every individual who walks through our doors, leaving them with lasting memories and a desire to return to Classic Golf & Country Club time and time again.

Deep knowledge and understanding of the game of golf have played a pivotal role in ensuring an exceptional experience for members and guests at Classic Golf & Country Club. Intimately comprehending the intricacies of the sport, helps in tailoring our offerings and services to meet the unique needs and preferences of golfers. This includes curating a diverse range of tournaments and events that cater to players of different skill levels and organizing instructional clinics and coaching sessions to help individuals improve their game. Furthermore, my expertise allows me to engage in meaningful conversations with members and guests, discussing course strategies, analysing their swings, and offering personalised advice. This level of interaction fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and a deeper connection to the game within our golfing community. Ultimately, knowledge of the game of golf not only enhances the overall golf experience but also positions Classic Golf & Country Club as a hub for golf enthusiasts who appreciate the sport’s rich heritage and its continuous pursuit of excellence. 

The Golf Insider: Classic Golf & Country Club has gained a reputation as a premier golfing destination. What unique features or offerings does the club provide to attract and retain golfers in a highly competitive market?

Keshav Kumar: First and foremost we have got a very premium product, it is designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus.

The strategies have evolved over the years with a focus on:-

* Excellent member and guest experience.

* To be able to reach and capture multiple levels of golfers and increase accessibility to a diverse section of golfers, including aspiring juniors and professionals both men and women.

* Continuous focus on member engagement activities like regular member tournaments. 

The Golf Insider:

They say golf is a gentleman’s game, but we’ve all witnessed some heated rivalries and tantrums on the course. Have you ever had to intervene in a “golfers gone wild” situation, and how did you handle it with finesse and diplomacy?

Keshav Kumar: Luckily we have got excellent members and guests who come and play at the course and hence, we have not had any issues of misconduct.

The Golf Insider: Golf is known for its strict etiquette and quiet atmosphere. Have you ever had to stifle your laughter when witnessing a golfer’s triumphant celebration dance after sinking a putt or hitting a particularly impressive shot?

Keshav Kumar: Witnessing the satisfaction of someone sinking a long putt or hitting an impressive golf shot brings out a smile and these are the things that keep you going with this tough game.

The Golf Insider: Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring professionals who are looking to make a mark in the field of golf operations and marketing?

Keshav Kumar: In any industry, knowledge and understanding of the product is the key factor.

 * Patience and willingness to learn and adapt.

* Hard work

Thank you, Keshav, for sharing your valuable insights into golf operations and marketing. Your expertise and dedication in managing Classic Golf & Country Club are commendable, and we look forward to seeing the continued success of the club under your leadership.